How to Dress Like a Cool Mom in 2024

What does it take to have cool mom style? Does it mean wearing designer brands or copying every look you see on Pinterest? What if the secret sauce to how to dress like a cool mom is actually just you being YOU?! Here are 7 days of cool mom style outfits for 2024 that I hope will inspire you to have more fun with your clothes.

How to find your cool mom style

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Whenever I meet a new young 20 something, I find myself wanting them to know that I used to be VERY cool. In my day (circa 2005 or so), I stayed up to date with every style trend. I knew all the latest music and hottest restaurants. And then… well… I became a mom. 

Diapers and late nights became the norm. Any extra energy started to go into keeping our marriage alive, our kids alive, and our house from smelling like a dumpster. But today, I’m so grateful there’s such a thing as cool mom style and real, fun fashion for moms in their 30s.

What is cool mom style?

Cool mom style isn’t just about one specific style, trend or look. More than any of those, it’s an attitude. It’s about taking hints from style, trend, and culture, blending in pieces that you already have, and blending it all together in a look that perfectly fits your lifestyle.

How to dress like a cool mom is a lot less about perfectly copying an outfit on Pinterest, and more about building a look that makes you feel confident, beautiful and uniquely YOU. And unlike staying on top of every single trend as soon as it drops, or ONLY wearing expensive and luxury brands, this specific style is completely accessible to just about everyone. 

everyday fashion tips

So yes, I’m no longer a hipster. I may not be a trendsetter. I don’t keep up with New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. And in fact, I am a season behind on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But the more I continue to invest in and develop my cool mom style, the more confident I feel in myself. It’s also a super fun way that I’ve found to make your creativity come alive!

How to find your cool mom style

Here are a few everyday fashion tips for busy moms that will help you learn how to dress like a cool mom and make the most of your wardrobe!

1. Clean out your closet

Take some time out to go through your clothes for each season. Get rid of everything that’s stained, ripped or no longer fits. And while you’re at it, toss anything that you just don’t like how you feel in.

2. Get inspiration!

I LOVE using Pinterest to find style ideas and new ways to put outfits today. Instagram and TikTok are great for this as well!

3. Invest in a few quality pieces

I’m learning that it’s okay to spend a little more on the basics that you will wear time and time again. The perfect pair. of jeans, a great cardigan, a quality white tee – all these are worth spending a little more on than you typically would.

4. Try looks, and try again!

Have fun and play around with your clothes! Use the inspiration you find online and take note of outfits you see in real life that you’d love to copy. Need help putting outfits together? My friends at Fashivly make these amazing personalized style guides that you’ve got. to check out.

5. Keep track of your favorite looks to create a mom capsule wardrobe

Did you wear an outfit that you absolutely loved? Take a photo and keep it in an album on your phone. Or you can get tech-y with it and use an app like Whering to keep track of the outfits you’ll wear again and again.

6. Don’t forget about second hand!

Everything old will eventually be new again. If you want to try out a look that. you aren’t sure about yet, explore cheaper ways at your local thrift store to try out a similar look.

Lastly, be realistic about the clothes that will actually fit this season of your life. With these tips, you’ll know how to dress like a cool mom in no time.

pair of white nyc low top sneakers beside notebook

Cool mom style outfit ideas

After a ton of experimentation, research and inspiration, I started working on putting together some new cool mom looks. Each. of these 7 outfits are super easy to put together and can be adapted for each season and whatever you have going on in your life! Whether you’re in your 20’s, 30’s or 40’s, here’s some cool mom style ideas for you!

Outfit #1: Soccer Mom Style

I’ve always wanted to be one of those moms who wears those perfectly coordinated athletic sets. Thankfully, this year Old Navy made all my soccer mom style dreams come true. I went for this muted brown set, but definitely looking at some fun, bright colors in the future!

Soccer mom style

Get the look: Old Navy High-waisted Powersoft Leggings, Light Support PowerSoft Longline Sports Bra, ASOS Premium Zip Hoodie, New Balance Fresh Foam Running Shoes, Crossbody Fanny Pack

Outfit #2: Mom Jean Style

mom jean style

Get the look: Abercrombie Curve Love High Rise 90s Relaxed Jean, Banana Republic Tank, Nike Dunk Low “Rose Whisper” Sneakers

Outfit #3: Stay at Home Mom Style

Realizing I really loved this whole jean and black combo, I decided to try a little bit edgier of a vibe by adding in a bodysuit. Of course the oversized denim jacket provides just the right amount of modesty to not feel exposed. Nike Dunks seemed to cap this look off perfectly and say, “I’m trying, but not too hard!”

stay at home mom style

Get the look: DKNY Oversize Denim Jacket, Amazon Black Unitard Bodysuit, Nike Dunk Low “Rose Whisper” Sneakers

Outfit #4: Everyday Style Maven

I grew up wearing a school uniform, so I’ve mostly stayed away from khaki-colored things since then. But I could not resist these wide leg jeans! The color makes them feel pulled together, but the high waist wide leg style keeps them feeling playful. I’ll eventually pair them with something funkier like a graphic tee, but I loved them with just a basic cami for this day.

young mom outfits

Get the look: Urban Outfitters High Waisted Jeans, Forever 21 Black Cami, Nike Dunk Low “Rose Whisper” Sneakers

Outfit #5: The Queen of Stylish Mom Outfits

Okay, NOW we’re having some fun! I’ve always wanted to try graphic tees with prints, stripes with prints, the whole shebang. But trying to figure out what actually blends together well can be difficult. After playing around a bit, I loved these two pieces together. I think this look feels like the queen of stylish mom outfits because it’s perfect for running errands and a date night out.

Get the look: Anine Bing Vintage Bing Tee, Forever 21 Floral Wrap Mini Skirt, Vans Old Skool Skate Shoes

Outfit Idea #6: What to wear for a girls’ night out

Not sure what to wear for a girls’ night out? I tried out this look for one recently and fell in love! While the days of sequins and high heels are pretty much over for a lot of us, it’s still so much fun to put on a little skirt and hang with the girls once in awhile. Adding sneakers to this look keeps it feeling casual and understated, but you could also do boots and a jacket or blazer to take it to the next level!

what to wear for a girls night out

Get the look: Abercrombie Essential Easy Tee, Farfetch Wrap Denim Mini Skirt, Adidas Astir Sneakers, Crossbody Bag

Outfit #7: Mom-approved rock vintage style

As a busy mom, there’s nothing easier to throw on than a worn-in vintage t-shirt for instant cool vibes. This particular cut-off tee has been in my closet for years and I love how it looks with a pair of ripped jeans. As the weather gets colder, you can easily throw a leather jacket over this look and swap sandals for booties for the ultimate rock vintage style vibes.

rock vintage style

Get the look: Abercrombie Curve Love High Rise Mom Jean, Forever21 Distressed Muscle Tee,


So what did I learn throughout this whole outfit experiment? The best way to learn how to dress like a cool mom is to experiment and just be YOU! So take notice of the colors, fabrics and looks that you really like. Don’t be afraid to try things out, even. if you don’t see other people doing them. With a little trial. and error, you’ll find your own unique cool mom style in no time.