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Do you ever feel like there is so much more inside of you than what you’re putting out into the world? Hello there! Me too. 

I mostly struggle with the fact that I want to create things, but because of laziness and fear – I don’t.
I feel like in my soul somewhere I have the next great love song, essay on grief, YouTube vlog, or maybe even the most brilliant and creative company idea. There are sonnets and symphonies, movements and ideas that could change someone’s life somewhere deep down within me.

But most of the time that’s where it all stays – within me.

The more I talk to other women my age about this, the more I’m realizing there is SO much potential and so many dreams stuffed deep down that we don’t know what to do with. Yet we don’t know how or why to move forward, so we’re muffling their voices and we’re staying stuck.

I will personally put off writing for weeks and weeks at a time until writing in itself feels paralyzing. Then I play this fun game where I tell myself that the next thing I publish has to be the thing. If it’s not incredible, DON’T DO IT. Don’t put it in the world unless it changes everything. That’s a whole lot of pressure that keeps me from writing at all.


Imperfect, unedited. Super random time on a Tuesday morning. No fancy graphics or catchy tag lines. No fishing for comments or re-shares. Just the simple desire to get into a writing habit again and have somewhere to put it.

If there’s something you know you want to be doing, something you’ve been talking your friends ears off about wanting to start… today is just as good a day as any to finally do it.

Sure, we can wait till New Years or summer  break, or when our kids grow up or when we don’t work anymore – or we can just start now and be that much more ahead when the time comes.

Come on y’all, I dare us. 🙂

<3 Abby


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