A Perfect Nashville Day Date

These days with a baby in tow, it’s harder to get out and about here in Nashville as much as we once did.
Don’t get me wrong, we’re still prioritizing time with friends and family, trying new restaurants, etc. But that romantic one-on-one spouse time has gotten understandably few and far between.

This past Saturday we finally changed that and it was the best. We got an awesome babysitter to watch Jayden, and made a plan.

It was a gorgeous (albeit a little toasty), July day here in Nashville. So we knew our plan needed to involve something outdoors. However, my life policy is that brunch ALWAYS comes first.

Caviar & Bananas storefront

 We decided to stop at a brand new spot here in Nashville called Caviar & Bananas in the Midtown neighborhood. Apparently they already have a bunch of outposts in South Carolina, so we are super lucky to have them land here in Music City.

Now how do I explain this magnificent place? It’s equal parts market, bar, deli, restaurant, and ritzy cafeteria all rolled into one. Literally, whatever you are in the mood for, they most likely sell it, and it will be delicious. 

Caviar & Bananas Nashville, TN

The decor made me feel like I was in some fabulous movie set in New York, so I had to laugh when Cole noted that the entire place was about 85% female. But I mean duh, us women are just attracted to beautiful places.

Caviar & Bananas, Nashville, TN

I scoped out the offerings and opted to grab brunch (of course). I ordered this delectable fried chicken and gravy biscuit with fruit and a mimosa. Cole went with lunch from the deli instead and got a customized turkey burger and kale salad.

Caviar & Bananas Nashville, TN

All in all, everything was delicious! And the best part? There was no wait… At 12pm on a Saturday. In our town this is a pretty big deal. Being able to sit right down when we were ready due to the food court style of this spot makes the experience that much more awesome.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to try or you’re visiting Nashville, I would 100% recommend!

After brunch it was time for a little fun in the sun.
One of the best kept secrets in Nashville is all the fun to be had on Percy Priest Lake. (Most tourists get stuck downtown – and that is just fine with me.)

Percy Priest Lake

Percy Priest has a number of public use areas around the lake for boating, swimming, fishing, and even camping if that’s your cup of Earl Gray.

For Saturday’s adventure, we grabbed some cheap blow up floats just like these, went to a nice little cove area called Smith Springs, and just floated.

Percy Priest Lake -Abby Flynn

It was totally chill with other floaters, sunbathers, and a few kayakers around.

We spent about an hour and a half out there, then packed up our little camp on the shore before we got too exhausted from the sun.

Percy Priest Lake - Abby Flynn

All in all, it was an awesome day that I would recommend to anyone, whether you’re with a significant other or chilling with a group of girlfriends.

I loved having a day out of the ordinary with my guy, and can’t wait for the next adventure! I’ve already got a few ideas up my sleeve, so stay tuned…

<3 Abby

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    That is seriously the best day. Food, water and pure relaxation.

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