7 Denim Skirts That Will Be Your Summer BFF

Every few months, like most good American couples, Cole and I pick a TV show to binge watch together. We’ve done everything from political dramas to teen comedies, so about a month ago we decided to settle in and watch an old classic: The O.C.

I didn’t expect was to be hit so pleasantly by the nostalgia train of 2003. Converse sneakers, puka shell necklaces, Death Cab for Cutie albums… this is who we were! (Or at least, who we tried to be to appear cool/relevant.)

But maybe the thing about the show that has rendered me most nostalgic? The frequent appearance of the casual miniskirt. And not just any miniskirt… the denim miniskirt.

Re-imagining Denim Chic

If we’re around the same age (that elusive 30), you may remember wearing these things like they’d never go out of style. We loved jean skirts because they gave us a way to be totally casual yet still cute, and show off our gams all at the same time.

There’s a new breed of denim skirts now on the market. And I’m loving that these styles are tailored and sleek while still totally light-hearted and fun. They flatter the womanly figure, in a way that’s totally un-intimidating. Plus, they’re the perfect way to ramp up your summer wardrobe without going too sorority sister.

Here are a few of my favorite new denim skirts I’ve rounded up from around the web to get you started.

1. California Cool

(Amazon) – Probably the most O.C. inspired of the bunch, this mini is down and dirty California cool. It totally works for weekend brunch with the girls, and a romp on the beach (if you happen to be so lucky). Also, it comes in 4 swoon-worthy washes. Y’all may see me in this one soon.

California Cool - Amazon

2. Button Up Prep

(Amazon) – I can’t get over this skirt. The button up detail on the front brings the perfect combination of downtown chic and tailored cool. Plus, the dark denim wash keeps the nostalgic shape feeling fresh and current for 2017. I’m here for it.
Button Up Prep - Amazon

3. Long Dark and Denim

(Amazon) – This skirt is the perfect take for those not feeling the “mini” side of this trend, but still want to get in on the fun. The length and shape are fitted and flattering, a la Kardashians, but it just happens to be work and church appropriate as well. Plus, can you say tummy control? Major win.
Long Dark and Denim - Amazon

4. Distressed But Not So Dangerous

(Amazon) – I love this skirt because it gives a serious nod to the early 2000’s while acknowledging that we’ve a grown a little older and more sophisticated since then. The distressed wash brings a casual weekend vibe, but it can totally still be dressed up with some heels and the right accessories.
Distressed But Not So Dangerous - Amazon

5. Wrap Denim Mini

(Asos)- One fun new aspect of this trend are the wrap skirts starting to pop up here and there. This style gives off a super laid back vibe, and is a totally unique and fresh way to tackle the trend. Here’s one I’m loving at the moment.

6. Rock and Roll Inspired

(H&M)- Nothing says “Let’s rock” quite like fraying and black denim. For a darker take on this trend, a skirt like this perfect. Try pairing it with a vintage band tee to get the full effect.

7. Thrifted Treasure

I’m a major sucker for a good deal. And beyond discount stores and online shopping, this means THRIFT STORES. It’s no secret thrifting is one of the best ways to get in on trends of days gone by. I spent about 5 minutes in a local used clothing store and stumbled on this gem. Don’t be afraid to check out your local thrift store and see what you find!

Denim Skirt - Radmoiselle

What are your thoughts on the return of this trend? And let me know your personal favorite in the comments!

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